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ONE TIME OFFER: Click the box above, and for just $10 more we will rush you our 4-part audio course, "Negotiation Strategies for Real Estate Investors" that will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE when dealing with motivated sellers to help you negotiate massive discounts (and bigger profits!) on your wholesale deals!

$34,000 on Our First Deal!

"We took the information...and on our first deal made $34,000.  All with no money down! ~M. & A. Edwards
What's Included:
  • Wholesaling the Right Way: Learn the Expert Secrets to Massive Success with the #1 No-Money-Down Real Estate Investing Strategy!
  • Creating Your Marketing Plan:  We Provide You a Step-by-Step Plan to Quickly Find Properties with Equity that You Can Purchase for Pennies on the Dollar!
  • Motivated Seller Phone Calls: Learn the Questions to Ask (& Not Ask) with our Seller Profile Sheet (Included) & How to Position Your Offer for Acceptance.
  • Sell Twice as Fast for Double the Profit: This Lesson Shows You Exactly How to Build a List of Hungry Cash Buyers Who Will Buy Your Properties Quickly!
  • Contract & Assignment Training: We Walk You Line-by-Line through a Sales Contract AND Assignment Form (Provided), & Discuss the Important Contingencies.
  • Rehab Cost Estimator: This PDF Spreadsheet will Help You Estimate Repairs with Confidence During Your Analysis & Property Walk-through.
  • 90-Day Action Plan: No More Worrying About What to Do Next.  We Provide You a 3-Month Daily Task List to Make Sure You're Consistently Moving Forward.
  • Forms & Notes Package: Sample Documents & Forms that Correspond with Each Audio Lesson.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see a change in your business, I'll refund your money & your travel expenses.

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.
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